Our Nursing services (ordered by a physician) are provided by three in-house, full time RNs, who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The following is a brief overview of these services:

  • Routine monitoring (data collection) of specific medical concerns such as seizures, bowel habits, vital signs, diabetes, hypertension, diet and exercise
  • Reviewing and verifying physician orders are current, properly documented and communicated to direct care staff and others
  • Direct nursing care including medication/treatment administration
  • Review of Medication Administration Records (MARs), medication storage and   documentation
  • Scheduling of all medical/health/behavioral appointments and communicating any pertinent information to the healthcare provider as needed
  • Attending any medical/health/behavioral appointment with the resident to ensure proper care is being received
  • Facilitating procurement of and monitoring of medical equipment
  • Keeping emergency contact information updated and accurate
  • Training to the direct care staff regarding the residents' specific medical plan of care in relation to their needs, and training with regard to the purpose and possible side effects of each of their medications
  • The RN attends the residents’ IDT meetings to present assessments or evaluations completed for the purpose of integrating recommendations, training goals and intervention strategies into the resident's IPP. Individual Program Planning is the process by which the resident and their IDT develop a plan based on a person-centered philosophy.