Overview of Stonebrook’s Group Homes

All seven of our homes are located in Berkeley County within twenty minutes of historic downtown Martinsburg, offering a combination of privacy, independence and community. Our residents enjoy nutritious meals that are prepared and shared family-style at home. Attractively furnished and landscaped, each home features a fully-equipped kitchen and spacious dining area, laundry room, family room, access to cable or satellite television, outdoor barbeque grill, and either a porch or deck. Many of the homes have picnic tables, birdfeeders, and gliders or porch swings. Whether shared or private, each resident’s bedroom/personal space is decorated according to his or her personal preferences and tastes. Three of our homes are co-ed, two are all female, and two are all male. Every home is fitted with numerous safety features, practices weekly fire drills, and provides 24-hour staff supervision. In addition, a company owned passenger van is assigned to each group home for purposes of transporting the residents shopping, to appointments, community events, and workshop activities. Throughout the year we engage in community activities such as: walking at local tracks or parks, trips to the river for fishing, visiting various local parks, trips to movie theaters, stores, restaurants, the library, bowling alleys, and the swimming pool. The majority of residents living at Stonebrook attend the local community workshop for day programming and vocational skills training. Those who do not attend the workshop stay at the group home for skill training in basic needs and community development.

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William Ravi Booth Home

Payne's Ford Road Home


Talbott Avenue Home

Dominion Road Home

Princess House

Falling Waters Home

Tilburg Lane House