Mission and Our History

Our Mission

Stonebrook's mission is to increase independence, improve the lives and promote inclusion for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. Our philosophy is based on the premise that everyone's needs in life are much the same; a quality of life that provides friendship, respect, security, interesting and meaningful work, choices, recreation, spiritual fulfillment, and goals for the future. Our agency provides continual opportunities for normalization within the surrounding community by offering a sense of family, positive reinforcement to increase adaptive behavior skills and the encouragement of a healthy self-concept.


In November of 1987 Stonebrook, Inc. started its journey with just one young man who needed specialized residential care and who would be treated as part of a family. Owners, John and Karen Fanning opened their home and their hearts to him. By 1989, this spacious five bedroom home situated on eight wooded acres along Back Creek was full to capacity with eight full time intellectually disabled residents and it was time to expand.

Several more homes have been rented or purchased in the intervening years and by 2010, Stonebrook owned all seven of its group homes.

The first home, originally known as Tomahawk House and so named for its location, was renamed the William Ravi Booth House and dedicated to the memory of our very first resident. Since those early days, our “family” has grown in number to include up to 36 full time residents and about 90 full and part time employees. Our current demographic is 50% male / 50% female, with 10 residents who are under 30 years old, 15 who are between the ages of 31-55, and 9 who are over 55.

Through the years, Stonebrook has specialized in dealing with difficult residents who have emotional and/or behavioral problems, along with their intellectual disabilities.  Many of the residents who have come to Stonebrook because of their behaviors have improved dramatically, experiencing a much lower rate of incidences and exhibiting a higher level of self-control.